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Affordable Left Foot Pedal Accelerator

LEFT FOOT GAS PEDAL ACCELERATOR WITH QUICK RELEASE MOBILITY AID FROM ABLE MOTION Able Motion, after a quick  installation (by a professional), allows the ability to easily use the accelerator...
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Able Motion, after a quick  installation (by a professional), allows the ability to easily use the accelerator pedal of any car, truck, or van with your left foot. Specifically designed for individuals with limited or no mobility of the right foot or leg, the Able Motion innovative solution allows for easy operation of any vehicle with only using your left foot. The fully adjustable accelerator actuator mimics the motion of the left foot onto the gas pedal of your vehicle. The unit is "quick release" in that you can easily remove the top portion of the device from the base plate that is bolted into the floorboard of your car. This makes it convenient to convert your vehicle from a left foot accelerator operated vehicle to a right foot operated accelerator and visa versa in just seconds. Safety and adjustability were primary concerns with the development of this product so that you can adjust the relative angle of the left foot pedal to the actuator arm to your desired comfort level and your vehicles configuration. Moreover, there is a safety latch system that secures the top portion from being able to separate from the bottom portion unless the quick release locking bar has been manually disengaged with the pull of a pin.

Made from Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, and Stainless steel, Able Motion left foot pedal accelerator by Able Motion is built to last a lifetime with no corrosion. The Precision CNC machined parts, high friction rubber pedal surfaces,  fully adjustable pedals/actuator, and spring loaded gas pedal activator are just a few of the features that separates Able Motion from anything else on the market.


  • Easily convert any vehicle to left foot accelerator operated

  • Easily remove top portion of the device with the quick release pin and convert back to normal right foot operated accelerator

  • Quick installation, just bolt the baseplate to the floorboard in the correct position with brake in between the pedals - **Must be installed by professional mechanic or adaptive device installer

  • Aluminum, and SS precision CNC construction with galvanized hardware

  • Spring loaded and adjustable actuator to work intuitively and fit any vehicle

  • Anti-slip grip on pedal

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Ask a Question
  • will this work in a class 8 road tractor

    We are not sure.  They may if the pedals have similar configuration to automobiles.  They can be returned for a refund if your installer determines it will not work.

  • What's the average cost of installation?

    We apoligizze.  We do not know.

  • Can this pedal be laid down forward on the floor? To make the vehicle right foot driveable

    It has a release mechanism so it can be removed for a right footed driver.

  • RE: Left foot pedal accelerator. What are the dimensions of the plate that gets bolted to the floor?

    about 3 inches by 8 inches

  • Will this fit a Volkswagen jetta gli 2005

    They are designed to be universal.  If your installer determines it will not work for your vehicle's configuration then it can be returned for a refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great handicapped mobility tool for right leg amputees.

This is the 4th one I've purchased since losing my right leg. Very dependable and well manufactured product.

Patricia E. Bennett
Affordable Left Foot Pedal Accelerator.

I bought this for my 59 year old son. He had his right leg amputated above the knee due to diabetes.The thing that bothered him most was not being able to drive.He is thrilled with this and feels more normal again. Thank You.

Dayne Brittain

Affordable Left Foot Pedal Accelerator

Michael Bogue
Mr Bogue

Great product. Been 2 yrs without driving. Brought freedom back to me. I installed it myself and was easy to do being a below the knee amputee. Thank you all and it only took a day for the product to come to me. Awsome company and recommend them to any amputee.

Karen Nolan
I have not used this product, but the service is great

Great service