AMM Able Motion Mobility Warranty Legal Disclaimer

  1. AMM Able Motion Mobility products are warranted to be free from defects in material and quality for two (2) years or 730 days from the original customer’s purchase date. All warning messages must be adhered to strictly, and the Customer must follow regular maintenance procedures. 
  2. AMM Able Motion Mobility does not assume liability for defective products not manufactured or supplied by AMM Able Motion Mobility 
  3. AMM Able Motion Mobility LFGP (Left Foot Gas Pedal Accelerator) is designed to provide driving assistance for people who can't drive with their right foot. By operating this drive assist, drivers can control the accelerator pedal with the left foot. 
  4. Drivers should abide by local laws and regulations when using this device. 
  5. Before driving vehicles with any AMM Able Motion Mobility LFGP on the road, drivers should do enough practice in safe or enclosed areas and make enough preparation because moving on the left foot will be completely different from your previous driving experience, even if you have a long-term driving experience. 
  6. Please make sure that you have enough ability to control AMM Able Motion Mobility LFGP completely before buying and using it. 
  7. As the manufacturer, we are responsible for the quality of the product, and we are sure that AMM Able Motion Mobility LFGP has good driving assistance functions as described. Users and drivers should always be responsible for their behavior going with an LFGP. 
  8. AMM Able Motion Mobility LFGP is only applicable to vehicles with automatic transmission, DO NOT install or use it on any manual transmission vehicles. 
  9. AMM Able Motion Mobility LFGP has not been evaluated and approved by the FDA; please consider carefully before buying or using. 
  10. Again, please always be cautious about driving.