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Sylvan Heated Water Hose for Outdoor Use Campsites RV Self-Regulating 25 ft

Sylvan Heated Water Hose for Outdoor Use Campsites RV Self-Regulating 25 ft 5/8" Inner Diameter Suitable for down to -45°F 

Spending time in the great outdoors on campgrounds or an RV can be a liberating experience. However, when the weather turns cold, your water hose can freeze, and that’s not good. How are you going to get drinking water?? You can prevent your winter vacation from turning into a hot mess with the 25 foot long Sylvan Heated Drinking Water Hose! You can enjoy your outdoor adventure to the max. The Sylvan Heated Drinking Hose is a self-regulating water heating device that can deliver free-flowing water whenever you need it. It is the best way to ensure that you are able to access drinking water anywhere you are under adverse conditions such as extremely cold conditions by preventing the water from freezing in transit. This is particularly useful when you are out camping, on a boat, or in other conditions when heated drinking water is not normally an option. It is compatible with any standard 120V power socket and the built-in thermo switch activates the heat when the ambient temperature drops to minus 45°F (-42.7°C) and keeps going until it reaches 60°F (15.5°C). This durable hose is built for outdoor use. It has brass fittings to prevent rust and the hose itself is lead-free under the definition of the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act of 2011. This ensures that your water remains potable even as it passes through the hose. You can use the Sylvan Heated Drinking Hose to obtain drinking water on campgrounds, RVs, and boats as well as for providing water to construction sites and livestock where the ambient temperature drops to freezing. Happy glamping!

• Prevents water from freezing in the hose down to -45˚F ambient temperature

• Self-regulating using a built-in thermo switch to keep water flowing without overheating

• Brass fittings and lead-free high-quality hose for rust-free water safe for human consumption

• May be used with auxiliary power sources (120 VAC) such as campgrounds or RVs

• Special tough fabric sleeve and sealed electrical components prevent water exposure or damage to the hose and heating components

$ 169.95 USD