Pedal Extenders

AMM PX 2.0 Black Pedal Enhancement Extender


  • Safe and Durable Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Metal
  • Slip Resistant Rubber Foot Grips
  • Extension Range from 3” - 7.25” on both the Gas and Brake Pedal
  • Brand New Design with Easier Installation
  • Self Locking Bolts for Secure Installation
  • Adjustable Design to Fit Most Vehicles


 No Matter the Reason --- If You’re Unable to Reach The Pedals of Your Car without Extraordinary Measures? We Have the Solution...

 Able Motion Mobility introduces our newly designed, easier to install Pedal X 2.0 Pedal Enhancement Extenders. The Pedal X 2.0 brake and gas pedal extensions are carefully designed, and when properly installed, to provide a safe solution for extending the factory gas and brake pedals. The extension range varies from 3-7.25" for gas and 3-7.25" for brake. This pedal extension kit is compatible with most vehicles, it’s fully adjustable, so that you’re able to find the most comfortable fit!

 Each order is shipped to you temporarily assembled with a typical configuration but MUST be adjusted to fit each individual application.

 The Pedal X 2.0 Brake and Gas Pedal Extensions is the Perfect Solution for:

  • Short Drivers
  • Mobility Problems
  • Pregnancy
  • Plus Size People
  • Hip or Knee Problems

Or if...You Simply Want a Little Extra Room Between You and the Steering Wheel

 Now you can drive without telephone books, stacks of blankets, or seat cushions...we have a great solution that will make driving possible for you!

This pedal extension kit is compatible with most vehicles, and it is also fully adjustable, so you’ll undoubtedly find the most comfortable fit!

We Use The Best Materials And Safest Manufacturing Methods!

We’re dedicating to creating gas and brake pedal extenders that will last a lifetime and provide you with a sturdy footing and optimal control.

In order to make these goals a reality, we use the quality materials and technologically advanced manufacturing methods.

That’s how you know that these pedal extenders are the best choice.

Please Take Note:

  • The Pedal X 2.0 Brake and Gas Pedal Extensions MUST be installed by a person that meets the Minimum Skill Level to fulfill the requirement set out in the instruction manual.

  • If less or more extension is required, contact us directly.

  • Many states require or recommend that anyone using adaptive driving equipment have a driver evaluation performed.

    Able Motion Mobility recommends that ALL drivers have a qualified evaluator perform a Driver Evaluation PRIOR to the use of our products. 

    For more information visit

    The concept behind our complete line of limited mobility products were designed with you in mind. Helping you to navigate your world a little bit easier by providing you with quality products that will help you gain more independence, added security, and an overall better quality of life. 


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