PX2 Pedal Extender for short, pregnant, and plus size drivers

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  • Do these work on cars / SUVs that have floor-hinged gas pedal?

    Our devices are designed to be universal.  If your installer determines they will not work for your vehicle, they can be returned for a refund.

  • Do You have pedals extensions for 15 Inches?

    Unfortunately, no

  • My wife never drives our Ford Edge due to her short stature. These pedals would help her be able to do so. The problem is that she would be driving it very seldomly. Can this be installed and removed easily enough so that I could install and remove them for when she needs to drive the car?

    Unfortutely they are not intended to be removed often.

  • left foot accelerator is a replacment base avalible for afordable left foot accelerator


  • I was wondering if you had a 3 pedal system for a manual transmission?

    We have a brake extension from our older model that many customers use for their clutch pedal.  Please email us at info@ablemotionmobility.com if you are interested.

  • Do you sell extenders for clutch for a Mini Cooper

    We do sell clutch extenders.  Please email us directly at info@ablemotionmobility.com for invoicing

  • hi, I have a bmw z4 2003 and need to extend the clutch about 2-3 inches. would your product allow me to do this?

    The minimum of our extenders is 3 inches

  • I have a classic car that I would need a clutch, brake, and gas pedal extension. Would you have all three and would they work?

    We do sell individual clutch extenders.  Please email us at info@ablemotionmobility.com so we can better assist you.

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PX2 Pedal Extender for short, pregnant, and plus-size drivers

Our extenders are the perfect solution for shorter drivers or individuals who struggle to reach the pedals in their vehicle. These extenders are designed for quick and easy installation. Attach them to your existing pedals for a secure, securely clamped fit. The heavy-duty aluminum and steel construction ensures they can withstand the wear and tear of daily driving and will last for years.

Whether you are a shorter driver, an oversized individual, or a pregnant woman, our PX2 Pedal Extender will provide you with a safe and comfortable driving experience. The extra space between your feet and the pedals reduces the risk of injury or discomfort while operating a vehicle. Our extenders are suitable for all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs, and are compatible with most standard vehicle pedals. With our extenders, you can enjoy a worry-free driving experience and feel confident behind the wheel.

  • Safe and Durable Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Metal
  • Slip Resistant Rubber Foot Grips
  • Extension Range from 3” - 7.25” on both the Gas and Brake
  • Brand New Design with Easier Installation
  • Self-Locking Bolts for Secure Installation
  • Adjustable Design to Fit Most Vehicles with Multiple Pivot Point Adjustments


 No Matter the Reason --- If You're Unable to Reach The Pedals of Your Car without Extraordinary Measures? We Have the Solution...

Able Motion Mobility Mobility Accessories AMM PX 2.0  Extenders

Able Motion Mobility introduces our newly designed, easier-to-install PX 2.0 Enhancement Extenders. The PX 2.0 brake and gas extensions are carefully designed and, when properly installed, provide a safe solution for extending the factory pedals. The extension lengths range from 3-7.25" for gas to 3-7.25" for the brake. This extension kit is compatible with most vehicles; it's fully adjustable so that you can find the most comfortable fit!

Each order is shipped to you temporarily assembled with a typical configuration but MUST be adjusted to fit each application.

The PX 2.0 Brake and Gas Extensions is the Perfect Solution for:

  •  HEAVY DUTY ALUMINUM AND STEEL - Our extenders are made of heavy-duty aluminum and steel for strength and durability. They are built to last and can withstand the wear and tear of daily driving.

  • EASY INSTALLATION - Our enhancement extenders are designed for quick and easy installation in most cars.

  • FOR SHORTER DRIVERS - Our extensions are perfect for shorter drivers who struggle to reach the pedals in their vehicle. They provide a safe and comfortable driving experience for people of all sizes.

  • FOR OVERSIZED INDIVIDUALS - The enhancement extenders are also ideal for oversized individuals who need more space between their feet and the pedals. They provide additional legroom and prevent discomfort while driving.

  • FOR PREGNANT WOMEN - Pregnant women can also benefit from our extenders. They allow for more comfortable and safe driving, reducing the risk of injury or discomfort while operating a vehicle.

  • UNIVERSAL PEDAL EXTENSIONS - These extensions are suitable for all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs. They are compatible with most gas and brake pedals, making them a versatile option for all drivers.

    Pedal Extensions are Perfect for Shorter Individuals

      pedal extender designed to assist shorter people

      Extenders for short drivers are an excellent solution for people of short stature or little people, allowing them to drive safely and comfortably. Car and truck vehicle brake and gas extensions make reaching and operating the pedals easier for those with shorter legs, providing them with the same level of control and safety as taller drivers. These devices can be easily attached to the existing pedals of vehicles, helping to increase the distance between the pedal and the driver. Furthermore, gas and brake extensions for short drivers can be adjusted to fit different sizes and heights, making them an excellent solution for anyone looking to make driving a more comfortable experience.

        During Maturnity

        Adjustable extenders are an excellent option for pregnant women, making driving and riding safer during maternity. They are designed to extend the reach and height of the pedals, allowing women to maintain a comfortable and safe distance between their growing bellies and the steering wheel. These extenders' ergonomic design helps promote good posture and reduce stress on the back, hips, and legs. With these extensions, pregnant drivers can maintain a comfortable and safe driving position, reducing the risk of any potential injuries or accidents. Additionally, our universal extenders can help improve the comfort and convenience of pregnant women behind the wheel.


        PX2 extenders for cars are invaluable for plus-sized people who need additional legroom or have knee problems. These devices are adjustable and fit onto the existing pedals, allowing the driver to adjust the position of the pedals to their desired height. Automotive extenders ensure the driver can comfortably reach the pedals without straining and awkwardly maneuvering their body while driving. Extenders can reduce the risk of lower body injuries caused by awkward positioning.


        Or if...You Want a Little Extra Room Between You and the Steering Wheel

        Now you can drive safely without telephone books, stacks of blankets, or seat cushions...we have a great solution that will make driving possible for you!

        This extension kit is fully adjustable and compatible with most vehicles, so you'll undoubtedly find the most comfortable fit!

        Many safety professionals recommend extenders to increase your distance from the air-bag module and enhance your safety. Along with a seat belt, this is an extra layer of protection and distance from the driver-side airbag impacting the driver's face.


        Able Motion Mobility Mobility Accessories AMM PX 2.0 Black Pedal Enhancement Extender with off set bracket

        Extension Range from 3” - 7.25” on both the Gas and Brake Pedal


          Able Motion Mobility Mobility Accessories AMM PX 2.0 Black Pedal Enhancement Extender


          Multi-Angle Extension on both the Gas and Brake Pedal

          We Are a Creative Mobility Group! We Use The Best Materials And Safest Manufacturing Methods!

          We're dedicated to the safety professionals creating adjustable reach gas and brake pedal extenders that will last a lifetime and provide you with sturdy footing and optimal control.

          We use quality, sturdy steel and rubber pad materials and technologically advanced manufacturing methods to make these goals a reality.

          That's how you know that these pedal extenders are the best choice.

          Able Motion Mobility also sells a clutch pedal extension separately.

          Please Take Note:

          • The Pedal X 2.0 Brake and Gas Extensions MUST be installed by a person that meets the Minimum Skill Level to fulfill the requirement set out in the instruction manual.

          • If less or more extension is required, contact us directly.

          • Many states require or recommend that anyone using adaptive driving equipment have a driver evaluation performed.


          Able Motion Mobility recommends that ALL drivers have a qualified evaluator perform a Driver Evaluation PRIOR to using our products. 

          For more information, visit www.driver-ed.org.

          The concept behind our complete line of limited mobility products was designed with you in mind. Helping you navigate your world a little bit easier by providing you with quality products will help you gain more independence, added security, and an overall better quality of life. Able Motion Mobility carries a full line of custom gas, brake, and clutch pedal extensions and extension devices for all drivers' needs.




          Customer Reviews

          Based on 2 reviews
          Rich Gruse (Elkhart, US)
          Pedal Extender

          Well constructed; they are working perfectly.

          Ellen Hardin (Cherry Hill, US)
          couldn't install

          This is a good product. However, it was impossible for me to install it. I tried many times. It was too hard to tighten the screws. The area under the dash is to tight.