Portable Plate for Left Foot Accelerator 1.0

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  • How much does your portable plate weigh and is it safe if not bolted to the floor?

    The portable system weighs about 17 pounds.  It is the weight that is intended to hold it in place.  If it is possible, we always prefer a customer use the fixed system instead as nothing will be as secure as one actually attached to the vehicle.

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***(Left Foot Accelerator Sold Separately)*** 

Only compatible with AMM LFA 1.0.

The Portable Plate for AMM Left Foot Accelerator allows for easy transfer to most any vehicle. Car rentals are no longer a problem. Never again be confined to driving one customized vehicle. (Designed use with Able Motion Mobility Left Foot Pedal Accelerator only!) 

  • Easily convert any vehicle to left foot accelerator operated (Left Foot Accelerator Not Included) 
  • Easily remove the device and convert back to normal right foot operated accelerator
  • Quick installation with the portable plate on floorboard in the correct position with brake in between the pedals - **Should always be set up or installed by professional mechanic or adaptive device installer
  • Universal fit for any vehicle

A left foot accelerator you can easily transfer to most vehicles. Car rentals are no longer a problem. Never again be confined to driving one customized vehicle. Able Motion Portable Left Foot Accelerator, after a quick installation or set up(by a professional), allows the ability to easily use the accelerator pedal of any car, truck, or van with your left foot. Specifically designed for individuals with limited or no mobility of the right foot or leg, the Able Motion Portable Left Foot Accelerator innovative solution allows for easy operation of any vehicle with only using your left foot. The fully adjustable accelerator actuator mimics the motion of the left foot onto the gas pedal of your vehicle.  The portable base plate does not have to be bolted into the floorboard of your car and is a portable weighted plate. This makes it convenient to convert your vehicle from a left foot accelerator operated vehicle to a right foot operated accelerator and visa versa in just seconds. Safety and adjustability were primary concerns with the development of this product so that you can adjust the relative angle of the left foot pedal to the actuator arm to your desired comfort level and your vehicles configuration. Made from Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, and Stainless steel, Able Motion left foot portable pedal accelerator plate by Able Motion is built to last a lifetime with no corrosion. The Precision CNC machined parts, high friction rubber pedal surfaces, fully adjustable pedals/actuator, and spring loaded gas pedal activator are just a few of the features that separates Able Motion from anything else on the market. (Designed use with Able Motion Mobility Left Foot Pedal Accelerator 1.0 only!) 

Customer Reviews

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James Covington (Greensboro, US)

It provided the function as advertised and sold. I could tell that it was well designed and troubleshooting had been practiced.

Russell Griffith (Ashland, US)

good idea