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  • Put On Assist Device: Helps individuals put on socks or stockings easily and independently. Ideal sock slider for those having difficulty to bend down, recovering from back, knee or hip replacement surgery or for those with limited mobility.

  • Flexible Contoured Plastic Shell: Contour shaped shell is Soft and flexible, specially designed for individuals who have weak hand strength, making it easy to slide socks onto the sock aid.

  • Soft and Non-Slip Foam Handle for a comfortable grip. A Slip-Resistant Foam Pad keeps sock or stocking from slipping off of the sock assist.

  • Adjustable Ropes: Overall 38" long with shell and cords. The ropes can be adjusted to your desired length by tying new knots as needed.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee! Instruction Sheet included.

Item Type: Braces & Supports
Material: pvc

$ 28.80 USD $ 38.40 USD
Heat Therapy Adjustable Shoulder Brace


"Great for Rehabilitation Shoulder Injury Pain"

SHOULDER PAIN RELIEF - Built-in heat therapy pad can warm your shoulder and promote blood circulation, then relieve pain caused by frozen shoulder, torn rotator cuff, dislocated AC joint, sprain, bursitis, tendonitis, paralysis, strain, stiff, soreness. It could also help to relax the shoulder muscles and speed up healing time.

HIGH ENOUGH TEMPERATURE - Widely temperature range from 65℃/149℉ to 75℃/167℉, 55℃/131℉ to 65℃/149℉, and 40℃/104℉ to 60℃/140℉, which can be changed easily by one button.

The shoulder wrap can added with a mesh bag for cold therapy (you need to buy extra ).
People suffering from acute sprain and other soft tissue injury should apply cold therapy first, then use hot pad after 48 hours.

LARGE SIZE  WITH EXTENDED STRAPS- Dual high quality plastic loop design for two-way adjustment, can be worn on left or right shoulder for men and women. Extended stick straps length is 27.5inch, which can help the stronger people wear this shoulder wrap. Extended stick straps fit chest size from 27'' to 55'', arm size from 9'' to 16''. Mesh bag size: 5''x 7.5''.

COMFORT TO WEAR - 2m charging cable minimizes activities range limit. Breathable and light weight neoprene ease discomfort. Temperature regulating provides warmth yet still allowing air to circulate.

Package Included:
1x Shoulder Wrap
1x US Adaptor Cable (Available extra fee)
1x USB Cable
1x Extended Stick Straps

How to Use:
1. Connect strap to the buckle that is on the brace.
2. Once strap is in place, put the brace on your shoulder.
3. Pull the long strap from under other arm, put it through the buckle, and now pull it from the other side of the buckle.
4. Secure the Hook&Loop and make sure to have a firm and secure fit.

Type: Shoulder Wrap
Color: Black
Material: Neoprene
Size: One Size Fits from 27'' to 55'' in chest circumference, from 9''to 18'' in arm circumference
Fits either Left and Right Shoulder
Fits both men and women
Power adapter Input Voltage: 100-240V (US plug)
Power adapter Output Voltage: 8.4V/DC/1A
Charging cable length: 2m
Red light: temperature range 65℃/149℉ to 75℃/167℉
White light: temperature range 55℃/131℉ to 65℃/149℉
Blue light: temperature range 40℃/104℉ to 60℃/140℉
There will be 2-4 ℃ of error with different measuring machines and measure position

1. The shoulder brace can also be used as compression shoulder brace.
2. Please do not wear it with high temperature for more than 5 minutes to avoid burns.
3. Please pay attention to control the temperature range for needs. It's NOT recommended to use the highest(red light) for a long time. The most suitable temperature is white light.
4. Shoulder braces are just helpful aids, not treatment nor cure method.
5. It's recommended to wear the shoulder brace above a T-shirt or cloth to avoid to avoid burns. Skin redness is normal for heat therapy
6. NOT for Pregnant women, kids.
7. The adapter should avoid contact with water during operation. It should be used in a completely dry condition


$ 51.66 USD $ 68.88 USD
Ober AFO Brace Orthosis Splint
  • Durable, lightweight
  • Fits easily into footwear 
Durable, lightweight, 1/8" polypropylene gives medial/lateral support for unstable ankles as well as greater rigidity to resist spastic tone. Fits easily into footwear and gives excellent stability. Immediate fitting promotes early ambulation. 
ANKLE AND FOOT SUPPORT FOR FOOT DROP CAUSED BY A VARIETY OF CONDITIONS: Foot drop due to Hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, MS, Parkinson, weakness of tibialis anterior muscle, lower motor neuron (LMN) disease, and other conditions causing foot drop. Can be used for post-op immobilization after tendon surgery. 
STABILITY AND FREEDOM OF ESSENTIAL MOVEMENT: Durable, lightweight, thermoplastic material offers comfortable lateral stability to the ankle a foot area, and allows for freedom of essential movement of the foot. 
SLIM DESIGN: Streamlined leaf spring design with low arch and open heel allows to wear the brace under most shoes. 
INSTANT RELIEF AND COMFORT: The Reflex Ankle and Foot Orthosis offers instant relief and support, keeping the foot and ankle in a comfortable yet stable position, and allowing to continue being active. Size: Left X-Large.
Available for left & right foot
Size: S,M,L
Material: polypropylene
$ 89.97 USD $ 119.96 USD