Left foot accelerator pedal or gas pedal for handicapped drivers.

Left foot accelerator pedal or gas pedal for handicapped drivers.

Able Motion Mobility switchable left foot accelerator pedal or gas pedal for handicapped drivers.

Able Motion Mobility understands that driving with a right foot or leg disability can be difficult. That's why we have developed an innovative solution to make driving easy and accessible for everyone. Our switchable left-foot accelerator pedal is designed to give you more control over the vehicle and make driving more comfortable. With just an easy connect and release system, you can quickly move between regular right-foot driving to left-foot driving modes. This feature helps those who may not have full use of their right lower limb to still drive with ease.

Our gas pedal is designed to provide maximum comfort and control. The innovative design of our left accelerator pedal helps you minimize foot fatigue so that you can drive long distances without having to take a break. We believe that driving should be a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone. That's why we have developed an accelerator pedal that helps you maintain maximum control over the vehicle while driving with your left foot. 

We also provide several options for customizing the position of your left accelerator pedal to ensure that it fits your foot perfectly. You can adjust the height and width of the pedal to make sure it is comfortable for you and provides you with better control when driving. With our intuitive design, you can easily switch between right-foot and left-foot

Able Motion Mobilty affordable left foot pedal accelerator 1.0

At Able Motion Mobility, we understand how important it is for handicapped or disabled people to have the freedom that comes with driving. We are committed to providing you with a solution that fits your unique needs. With our switchable accelerator pedal, you can get back to living the way you want – with mobility and independence. Our easy left foot driving solution allows you to drive comfortably and safely, knowing that you have full control over the vehicle.

Some of the top reasons people may use a left foot accelerator are stroke, right leg drop foot, or right leg amputees.  We know how hard it can be to adjust to a disability, and our team is here to help make the transition as smooth as possible.  We currently offer three different versions of the left foot gas pedal so you can find the one that best fits your specific needs. Our customer service team is standing by to answer any questions if necessary.


The left-foot pedal accelerator is designed to be driven with the left foot. The system is designed with a quick-release locking bar system that can easily convert to right-foot driving, though.

What is a Able Motion Mobility left-foot accelerator?

Left-foot accelerators are a easy installation device that allows you to use your left foot for gas pedals in the car. It is made from solid and durable materials, allowing it to be used for many years with no issues. The pedal can also be adjusted easily, ensuring comfort and ease of use.


Left Foot Accelerator being operated with the left foot on the foot accelerator pedal and showing the pedal guard Diagram of a left foot accelerator pedal by motion mobility showing non slip padding, adjustable actuator, and bottom portion of the device.


The left-foot accelerator is an ideal solution for those with limited mobility and strength in their right foot. With this device, you can have complete control when driving, giving you greater confidence on the road.

the accelerator pedals feature quick release enable you to move the top portion to another vehicle so you are not limited to only one vehicle.  This also helps if you are sharing a vehicle with other drivers who maybe right leg enabled drivers. image showing the left accelerator safety latch system and quick release system with the quick release feature of the left foot pedal that can be manually disengaged.  

Stroke Injured use of the left foot accelerator

The left-foot accelerator can be an invaluable tool for those with stroke injuries. Many times stroke injuries cause right side paralysis and they have lost control of the right

During recovery a left foot accelerator pedal can make things much easier.

side of their body, making it difficult to control the gas pedal. The left-foot accelerator can help those with stroke injuries regain control of their car and increase their confidence when driving. This allows them to get to their destination safely and easily.

Additionally, the Able Motion Mobility left-foot accelerator offers greater stability for those suffering from coordination problems due to their stroke injury.



Stroke injured drivers use left foot accelerator

This device allows them to control the car much more easily and safely, giving them greater independence and mobility. The pedal can also be adjusted for greater comfort and ease of use, making it ideal for those who are unable to drive without assistance. The Able Motion Mobility left-foot accelerator can be a great way for stroke victims to get back on the road and regain their independence.

Driving after recovery from a stroke is a huge milestone and the Able Motion Mobility left-foot  accelerator can help make that journey much easier. With its adjustable settings, it allows those with mobility issues to adjust the pedal to their exact needs and provides a more comfortable driving experience.

Amputees Love the Left Foot Pedal Accelerator

The left-foot accelerator can also be a great tool for those with right leg amputations, who may find it difficult to drive with their left foot. Many times amputees still try to use their left foot to accelerate the original pedal and it is uncomfortable and not to mention not the safest method.

The left foot accelerator pedal can in your regular factory vehicle.

In fact many amputees do not feel safe driving with the original pedal and have someone else drive them around, making them at the mercy and availability of a family member or friend.  With the left foot pedal accelerator, amputees have more independence and freedom as they are able to drive themselves without assistance. The pedal can also be adjusted for greater comfort and ease of use, making it ideal for those who may not feel comfortable or safe using their left foot to operate an original accelerator.

The Left Foot Accelerator is Perfect For Right Sided Drop Foot. 

Drop foot is a condition that affects the physical ability to lift the front of the foot and toes, making it difficult for those with drop foot to operate an accelerator pedal using their right leg. The left foot accelerator allows those with drop foot to drive safely and with greater comfort as they are able to use their left leg instead of their right. 


For foot injuries or drop foot the left foot accelerator pedal can be a savior


The left foot accelerator is not only designed for individuals who want to or need to use their left foot to accelerate, but it is also perfect for those recovering from injury or illness who cannot use their right foot efficiently. In such cases, the left foot accelerator can serve as an essential tool to make driving safer and more comfortable. With its innovative design, drivers can quickly and easily switch between gas and brake functions, allowing for greater adaptability and freedom behind the wheel.




Is gas the right or left foot gas pedal?


The gas pedal is typically the right pedal. However, with a left-foot accelerator, the gas can be controlled using your left foot instead of your right. This makes it easier for those who have limited mobility in their right foot to control the vehicle.

The left foot accelerator works by applying pressure to a lever that triggers the acceleration mechanism. The actuator arm works intuitively with the car's gas pedal. The right foot would therefore not be required to control the accelerator. Additionally, the brake pedal in your vehicle would also be used with the left foot. You would just have the gas pedal on the left side of the brake pedal.


The left foot acceleration system from Able Mobility Mobility was developed to assist stroke victims and right leg amputees in recovering control over their left legs while driving. The left-foot accelerator pedal is easily installed and fits most cars; it works and feels like a existing factory pedal and uses the actuator arm to press the vehicles automatic transmission using the left pedal. Our motion mobility LFA enables the user to move in and use a second vehicle easily or take it away as a right footer. The effects of left foot acceleration can affect your life for some people.

this can be used with most vehicles and an electronic left foot accelerator is not needed. The Able Motion Mobility mechanical left accelerator works with your factory accelerator pedals.

It helps people recover more quickly and feel more comfortable behind the wheel. The left foot accelerator can help those with disabilities to drive safely and confidently, as well as remain independent. In addition, it reduces fatigue and makes driving easier for those who have difficulty using their right feet to operate brakes and accelerators.

How much does it cost to install a Able Motion Mobility left-foot accelerator?

Installation costs may vary depending on your vehicle and the type of accelerator you choose. We typically suggest using a professional mechanic, but sometime if you are mechanically inclined it maybe installed at home with basic tools. The cost of installation ranges from a few hundred to a little less than a thousand dollars, depending on the complexity of the job.


Finally, left-foot accelerators are designed for safety and convenience; they require someone to know the vehicle’s configuration such as where brake lines are under the brake pedal or where fuel lines maybe running under the original pedal.         


PLFA (Portable Left Foot Accelerator) is not only an indispensable solution for people suffering from various diseases like cerebral ischemia, amputations, and drop foot, but also incredibly useful for temporary situations such as after foot or ankle surgery that may limit the use of the right foot for several months. The device allows for smooth and safe control of the vehicle, no matter the circumstances. Its ease of use and portability make it a perfect travel companion, giving drivers the freedom to explore new places without having to worry about adapting to an unfamiliar vehicle.

Overall, the Portable Left Foot Accelerator Pedal by Able Motion Mobility offers drivers with limited mobility an opportunity to remain independent by providing a safe and convenient way to operate their vehicles without compromising on safety or comfort. With its portability and intuitive design, it is a great tool for anyone experiencing limited mobility. With its easy-to-use setup and reliable performance, the Portable Left Foot Pedal Accelerator is sure to make driving easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

Use the portable plate or quickly detach it to install it into our mounted bracket!

The AMM left foot pedal accelerator show with the portable plate for the standard accelerator pedal. This device eliminates the need for a very expensive electronic left foot accelerator and is a simple left foot gas device perfect for most people. This device can be used in multiple vehicles.

When you need to use a portable weight plate while renting or traveling, unattaching it from your everyday vehicle can be a hassle.

Using a portable plate with a rental vehicle or for a road trip is convenient and easy with the Portable Left Foot Pedal Accelerator. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport and install in any vehicle. 

To make things more convenient, a base plate can be purchased for use with a portable plate. The upper portion of the base plate can then be effortlessly removed when not needed and conveniently secured back in place when needed. This allows for seamless conversion from an accelerator-equipped right-foot car to an accelerator-operated right-foot car and vice versa.

The portable left foot accelerator comes with a complete instruction manual and can be used in most vehicles with your standard accelerator pedals.

How do you remove a left-foot gas pedal permanently?

Removing a left-foot accelerator pedal is a straightforward process, but it's essential to be careful to avoid damaging any of the surrounding features. To begin, the mounting screws must be removed from the side of the gas pedal, and then completely unscrewed from the floor. This requires a steady and precise hand to ensure the screws are removed correctly.

Once the screws are removed from the four to eight small holes, the next step is to gently pull the left accelerator pedal off with a deliberate tug to avoid any accidental breakage. Although this sounds simple, it's important to take this step slowly and steadily to ensure that the removal is smooth and easy. Remember to dispose of the pedal carefully to avoid creating a safety hazard.

The Affordable Left Foot Pedal Accelerator

The affordable left-foot accelerator pedal from Able Movement Mobility is an excellent option and is considered by many as the best left foot accelerator. Our product is versatile enough to fit most vehicles. We offer different affordable varieties that function the same, including a portable option.

Left Accelerator Pedal version 2.0 in our line of accelerator pedals. This pedal uses a ball bearing system and will enhance the overall driving experience.
This is our Portable Left Pedal. If you do not have permanent medical conditions that will prevent you from driving this pedal maybe the best full range product to use. It will enable you to use more than one vehicle with ease.
Our best selling left foot pedal accelerator. This is also the affordable accelerator pedal. It has the quick release base like the other 2.0 pedal and has the included bolts for installation.

For those who require a heavier duty version, we have the LFA 2.0 model. It comes with new ball bearing technology, with only a small price difference from the affordable version. Ultimately, the choice between these devices comes down to personal preference and budget. Whichever option you choose, our left foot accelerator pedals provide a secure solution to better driving mobility.

We are committed to providing the top left foot accelerator pedals for our customers. All of our products come with a two-year warranty. Our staff is always available for questions or concerns. We strive to provide reliable, comfortable and safe mobility solutions.